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This is ME!

My name is Charles Arline, Sr. and I am the author of the book 6 Stones for Goliath. The pain of bidding farewell to his beloved wife during the COVID-19 era sparked a profound desire within me to tell our story. I believe that now is the opportune moment to reveal our narrative.

Currently residing in Jacksonville, FL, I use my wealth of life experiences and a captivating storytelling ability to put you right in my story.  This book is a collection of my life experiences and how I have been able to overcome numerous obstacles throughout my life. I draw on my faith, knowledge, and strength to share my story with you.


As a devoted father of three, I find immense joy in my new role as a doting grandfather. Retired and content, I enjoy indulging in my passions for bird watching, fishing, photography, and videography.

I hope to encourage others, especially young ones, to live their best lives without fear and to never give up on their dreams. Through this book, I want to inspire individuals to go after their goals and never be afraid to take risks.

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